NixarnHello, I'm Niklas Wahrman, the guy behind Nixarn. Nixarn is an agile software development company that utilizes new technology to lower both costs and development time. Nixarn is about giving clients great value, but to be honest Nixarn is mostly about doing fun projects. If you want the next best spreadsheet program developed, you've come to the wrong place! Check out my projects below!

Urbaani Sanakirja

Urbaani SanakirjaUrbaani Sanakirja is an online Finnish slang dictionary. The definitions are added by the vistors and ranked by the visitors themselves.

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AsteropeAsterope is a unique and addictive game experience with an innovative control scheme for the iPhone 3G, the original iPhone, and iPod Touch. The game was originally developed for Android.

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WhenWorldWhenWorld is a site dedicated to answer the question when something is coming out. WhenWorld by Nixarn was one of the winning entries for the startup event Slush Helsinki in 2008. Still in beta - but has some cool features on the horizon.

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HupsistaHupsista is all about humour. The concept is to share stories about messages accidentally sent to the wrong person.

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Vain Suomessa

Vain SuomessaBuilt with Hupsista as base, Vain Suomessa is also all about humour. Vain Suomessa is a collection of videos, images and stories about Finland and us Finns.

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TicBits LtdTicBits Ltd is an game development company I setup with my cousin with the aim of doing some really awesome games with the focus on a social exeperience!

Update. This is now my full time job. We recently released our first game iAssociate 2 and it has been superbly received and we've already got close to 250,000 players (22.9.2010)! In November we'll be opening our office in Turku, Finland.

Update 2. We're now moved to a bigger office twice, grown to a team of seven, released six games and have more than 3.5 Million downloads in total (1.3.2012)!

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Boost Turku

Boost TurkuBoost Turku is an entrepreneurial society based in Turku, Finland. It's a bunch of great people who gather to network and to learn from each other(and others) to ultimately get great ideas into great products to create a better world for everyone. Anyone located near Turku who's eager to become her/his own boss should definitely check out Boost Turku and join one of our events!

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Here's a quick overview of other things I've done (And it's by no means a complete list!)


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